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celebrating 12 Years!

We’re Invested In Your Success

Since 2001, Marutek has been helping businesses solve problems by utilizing technical expertise, software development and platform integration. We are proven experts at building reliable and scalable software. We are technical and operational superstars, but we also understand that no amount of talent matters if promises are not kept and deadlines are not met.

Our co-founders have merged their experience in software engineering, operations and sales/marketing, to build a software services company that provides a business minded approach to meet your specific needs. Our technical knowledge combined with entrepreneurial experience enable us to offer a strategic advantage. This advantage has been proved by the millions of dollars in revenue that Marutek solutions have generated for clients and partners.

Our core values include:

  • Creatively utilize technology to solve problems and grow profits independent of external agendas
  • Service our partners needs individually, be they consulting, engineering, sales and marketing, or operations
  • Be open to flexible fee structures, including equity and revenue sharing
  • Be available - we are based in Los Angeles

Are you tired of hot air and missed deadlines? Our commitment is to deliver software solutions on-time and within budget in order to earn the right to be your long term software partner. At Marutek we execute with integrity to bring everyone success.