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The Right Results

Partnerships Overview

Marutek Partnerships focus on creating strategic relationships with established companies solving new problems, and start-ups that require guidance and technical services. In many projects we take a financial stake, be it deferred payment for equity, partial payment for equity, a percentage of revenue or a formal alliance. We tie our success to that of our partners.

Want to evaluate an equity position or revenue sharing arrangement? Please email us at, to tell us about your opportunity and a member of our Los Angeles based team will be in touch shortly.

Fee Structures


Marutek will invest our experienced team of developers and business strategist in exchange for equity. We invest in quality teams, interesting ideas, high-upside markets and unique IP. This model is typically best for very early stage startups that are flush with ideas but not cash.


We provide design, development and business strategy in exchange cash and equity. Working with Marutek in this model can be a more prudent choice than hiring outside consultants or full-time engineers. This model is typically best suited for start-ups with limited funding.

Performance Based

Marutek can help with innovation under a flexible pricing model, which would be based both on cash as well as incentives for performance. This model ensures that we are perfectly aligned with our partner’s goals.

Revenue Share

Marutek provides project-based and ongoing services in return for a percentage of revenue.


If an equity, revenue share or performance based model does not fit your business objectives, Marutek offers a fee-based model. Let us provide you with a free fixed fee quote to design, develop, implement and maintain your custom software solution. In this model, we take all the risk – that is how confident we are in our ability to deliver on time and on budget.