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Services Overview

Marutek Services offer technical consulting with a focus on engineering, marketing and operational integration. We generally do not seek “time and materials” work, but rather look work to with companies that are seeking a long term partner to help grow their business. Marutek seeks organizations that understand the potential of their opportunity and require assistance in technical execution at the application or platform level. Consulting services include discovery, evaluation, and architecture on projects ranging from basic exe/web applications to complex integrated platforms requiring multiple APIs, high availability and supporting thousands of transactions a second in a secure environment.

The following are a few examples of the scope of our work:

  • Educational and training platforms (Veplan)
  • Global monitoring services for a leading video billboard company
  • Scalable eCommerce solutions for the non-profit sector
  • Massive online marketing platforms integrated with CRM and BI systems
  • Big data solutions - integration and analytics
Want to see if we can help your company from here to success? Please email us at to tell us about your opportunity and member of our Los Angeles based team will be in touch shortly.

Custom Development

We build custom applications based on your specific business requirements. These custom applications can be built from the ground up or you can integrate a solution from our extensive library of pre-built modules.


A robust and feature-rich application starts with a thorough design phase. During the initial consultation and follow-up communications, we determine precisely what will be built based on your business objectives. A key part of this process is that Marutek will dedicate time and resources to fully understand your business and its processes. Afterwards, you will receive a detailed, custom-produced functional specification outlining your application's design.


Based on the functional specification, the custom application is then built and implemented on the target framework . On larger projects, you will have a step-by-step deployment, which allows you to see the application develop and control milestones.


A custom development application project does not end after deployment. We will continue providing you with responsive support for your software, which is a key differentiator for Marutek. We are always ready to accommodate you with feature changes as your business logic requires.


Marutek has over 20 years of experience in building scalable software solutions across various industries. Whether you are an entrepreneur with the next hot idea, you’ve built a prototype and you're trying to get funding or you already have a software platform that needs to scale, let the Marutek team provide feedback on your platform. In addition to being experts at scalable software solutions, our team can provide valuable feedback on product development, operations, marketing and sales. This is risk free, as we are willing to do this at no expense to you or your company. We love to see companies succeed!